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Four Ways to Look After your Long-Term Health

Four Ways to Look After your Long-Term Health

Ever since I had children, looking after my long-term health has become so important to me. Before our girls were born I wasn’t healthy. Skinny? Yes. Healthy? No. I didn’t eat the right foods, I spent far too much time in the gym and I drank far too  much alcohol at the weekend. I was a typical young, twenty-something with only myself to worry about. It’s amazing how your mindset changes when you have kids though. Suddenly you have to start looking past the end of your nose.

The main reason I decided to really take care of my long-term health, is because I want to be here for as long as I can for my children. So I resolved to make a few very important lifestyle changes, to help make sure I’m fighting fit for the forseeable!

Here are four great ways to look after your long-term health;

Cut down on alcohol –

I’ve written before about the reasons why I cut alcohol out of my life. In a nutshell though, too much alcohol just isn’t good for you. Drinking too much can cause high blood pressure, obesity, depression, addiction and it’s also been related to breast cancer in women. Cutting down on your alcohol consumption, or cutting it out all together reduces your risk of developing these conditions and so is the perfect way to look after your long-term health.

Make sure treats are just that –

I LOVE treats. Whether they’re sweet treats or a naughty meal, I enjoy every second of eating them. The thing is, treats can become the norm if we aren’t careful. Since I began following a Slimming World meal plan , I’ve found it much easier to monitor what I east during the day. Their ‘syn’ method of counting the calorific foods we eat is a great way to make sure I’m not over doing it on the high sugar, high fat foods.

Exercise, but not too much –

If you’re eating well, around 30 minutes of exercise each day is healthy. It get’s your blood pumping, increases your fitness levels and makes you feel great. As someone who has been at both ends of the exercise spectrum, I can tell you that too much exercise is unhealthy. In order to look after your long-term health, it’s all about moderation!

Invest in a little self-care –

Stress is one of the most complained about conditions. If you let it get on top of you, it can lead to a whole host of health problems. Lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and over-eating to name but a few. Taking some time out for yourself is the ideal way to reduce your stress levels, before they get too much. Long-term stress can even contribute to heart attacks and strokes, so it’s definitely worth taking some time out before it’s too late.


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Four Reasons Why I Cut Alcohol Out of my Life

Four Reasons Why I Cut Alcohol Out of my Life

It’s been nearly a year since I cut alcohol out of my life. At first I stopped drinking as the result of a particularly bad hangover. I’d been out, woken up feeling like death and decided it was time to take a break. The weeks and months went by and I still didn’t feel like drinking. So I decided that actually, I don’t really need to drink at all. It adds no value to my life and I certainly hadn’t missed it when I took a break. So I decided that I would cut the stuff out of my life for good. Do you know something? It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I want to look after my health, long-term –

Ever since having children I’ve become more aware and concerned about the things that can affect my long-term health. I’ve become conscious about what I put into my body, what’s good for me and what’s not. I want to be around for my children for as long as I can and not only that, I want to stay as fit and as healthy as possible for me. Alcohol consumption is related to so many health problems, including high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke and breast cancer in women. All of which I want to do my utmost to avoid.

It makes me anxious –

Have you ever woken up after a night out and worried about the things you may have said, or the things you may have done? This was me constantly. I would question my husband the next morning, even if I’d only had one glass of wine. Did I come across OK? Was I rude to anyone? Did I do anything embarrassing or stupid? As an anxious person, I spend a lot of my time in a blur of apprehension. These days, I don’t want to add to that by drinking alcohol.

I can’t stand hangovers –

Maybe it’s my age, but I just can’t stand being ill. Now that I have two children, there’s no way I can stay in bed and sleep off a hangover. I have to be up to entertain the kids, whether I like it or not. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a toddler/hangover combination!

I drank it for the wrong reasons –

One of the most important reasons I decided to give up alcohol, is due to the fact I drank it for the wrong reasons. I would drink to numb anxiety. I would drink at the end of a bad day and I would drink ‘just because’. Then one day it dawned on me that I was probably having bad days, because I was a little hungover. I realised that alcohol only helps with anxiety for a very short time, then it just makes it worse. I couldn’t think of one good reason to carry on drinking, so I stopped.

I have no problem with anyone else drinking, I’ve just learnt the hard way that it’s not for me!


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Three Reasons I Love Following a Slimming World Meal Plan

Three Reasons I Love Following a Slimming World Meal Plan

Now this post may seem like a bit of a back track, as I recently wrote about why conforming to diet culture isn’t for me. I still stand by everything I said in this post. It’s just that recently, I came across Slimming World and how it’s followers plan their meals. I’m not saying I’m totally on board with the whole plan. I’m not enamoured by the idea of limiting exercise and I also don’t think weighing in weekly is healthy. After all, our mental health is as important as our physical health. Being obsessed with our weight can have a detrimental affect on mental health, especially if the results aren’t always what we desire. There are some parts of the plan I like though.

Food in our house is very important. It’s what we do for fun and how we are glued together as a family. We love nothing more than enjoying a good meal, in good company. Neither Hubs nor I  drink alcohol, we don’t smoke and to be honest we don’t over indulge ourselves by any other means. We do adore eating though and that’s why we need healthy food that tastes amazing too. There’s nothing worse than living on bland, boring food. Enjoyment is paramount and that’s where Slimming World comes in.

Here are three reasons I love following a Slimming World meal plan;

It offers a huge variety of food –

If you’ve followed different diets in the past, you’ll know that they don’t always over a huge variety of food. Often you’re stuck with the same few ingredients, with little scope as to what to do with them. I remember trying out a shake diet many years ago, that has to get top marks for the most boring diet ever thought up. Slimming World celebrates food and teaches you how to incorporate most thing into your meal plan. Goodbye same old, boring meals!

The taste of food is as important as it being healthy –

My favourite part of the Slimming World ethos is that food can taste amazing, as well as being good for us. It all boils down to how we prepare it and how we cook it. It’s a real education when you delve into how to cook for health, just changing a few simple things can change a meal from ‘bad’ to ‘good’! If you’re like us and you love your food to be tasty and healthy, then checking out a few Slimming World recipes is a great idea. Even if you don’t follow the plan, you’ll be surprised at how much you want to try some of their dishes.

Meals are often quick and easy to put together –

Now I like food, but I really have to be in the mood to cook. At the end of the day, when I’ve battled with work and kids, the last thing I want to do is spend another couple of hours in the kitchen. This is when reaching for the takeaway menu seems like the best option. A lot of recipes from Slimming World are really simple to put together and often they take very little time to cook. Taking the effort out of cooking is what a lot of us need, in order to fit the rest of our lives into a day. So, if you’re looking for quick and easy meals Slimming World is a good place to start.


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Why Conforming to Diet Culture isn’t for Me

Why Conforming to Diet Culture isn’t for Me

As 2018 approached, I found myself mentally planning the diet I would go on come January. At first I was convinced that ‘Veganuary’, going Vegan for the whole of January, was the way to go. I would surely loose stones and finally get back to my pre-baby size and weight. So, I continued to enjoy my food over the Christmas break, knowing that in a weeks time I would change my outlook on life and make things ‘better’ over night. Oddly enough just a few hours into January, I realised that all I’d achieved by conforming to the New Year diet culture was finding a direct route to failure. Followed by disappointment, accompanied by misery and a constant state of ‘hangry’.

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Overindulging once in a while is ok –

Once the cold hard reality of my love of meat set in, I knew it was time to re-assess my weight loss goals for 2018. Starting with asking myself if I really need to lose any weight at all. Granted I’m not as small as I used to be, but I’m also by no means obese. I’ve had two children which has changed my body, in some ways irreversibly. I’ll never get rid of the stretch marks and I’ll always have a ‘mummy tummy’ as a result of them. So even if I spent the next few months starving myself, I’m not sure I’d be able to achieve the desired effect anyway.

With all of this running through my mind, I can’t help but think that overindulging once in a while is OK. Whether, it’s a birthday, a holiday or a takeaway night ‘just because’, treating ourselves isn’t the end of the world. I’m not saying you should constantly gorge on rubbish food because you feel like it, there wouldn’t be any benefits to that. What would be a benefit though, is enjoying a little of what you fancy every now and again.

Passing on healthy habits –

At the point of writing this, my eldest daughter is coming up to three years of age. She’s bright, intelligent and gets more aware of her surroundings every day. Having struggled with unhealthy eating habits for a lot of my life, the last thing I want to do is pass on poor habits to my girls. They both watch my every move, so it’s up to me to make sure I pass on healthy habits, to make sure that their relationship with food is the best that it can be.

There’s already so much negativity in the world regarding the way we look. The ‘perfect’ body image is forced into our subconscious everyday. Every Lifestyle blog I’ve come across has posts discussing the problems associated with the media and body image. I can only imagine how much worse this will get as our children get older. I want them to know and most importantly believe that they are beautiful. I want them to appreciate all that is positive about themselves and to realise that what the media portrays as ‘perfect’, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everything in moderation –

I know this sounds like a cliché, but I truly believe in the power of everything in moderation. That includes food and exercise. In the past I’ve eaten too much food and not exercised enough. For a lot of my life, I’ve exercised far too much and eaten very little. Both of these scenarios did little for my health, mentally and physically. Adopting an everything in moderation attitude has been one of the healthiest choices I’ve ever made.

So, this year I’m saying goodbye to diet culture. I’m going live an everything in moderation kind of life. I’m going to eat healthily, treat myself once in a while and continue to exercise regularly. I truly can’t see the point in restricting my diet so much that it strips the joy out of life. I don’t want food to be at the forefront of my mind, when what I really should be thinking about is family, work and other things that make me happy!

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*This is a collaborative post.

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Three Ways to Help Keep yourself Healthy – Including the Best ‘Fakeaway’ Recipes!

Three Ways to Help Keep yourself Healthy – Including the Best ‘Fakeaway’ Recipes!

Ever since having children, I’ve spent so much time worrying about my health. My girls are the most important thing in my life and so keeping my body healthy, in order to be at my best for them is so important. Pre-children I would burn the candle at both ends and think nothing of it. These days I try my hardest to look after myself in every way, with the hope of passing on the same habits to the girls!

There are so many ways to help keep yourself healthy, some more complex than others. Making just a few simple changes to your life though, can mean the difference between feeling sluggish and in need of a boost, to feeling on top of the world!


Here are three ways to help keep yourself healthy, without changing your life too much;


Exercise regularly –

You don’t have to shell out on an expensive gym membership to make sure you fit a little exercise into your life. There are a few easy exercises that you can do at home HERE! Not only will exercising more help keep you physically healthy, it also releases endorphins helping to keep your mind healthy too.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol –

I’m not saying you should never enjoy a drink, but being aware of how much you alcohol you consume and taking steps to cut back is a sure-fire way to improve your health. Truth be told alcohol just isn’t good for us, so the less we drink the better in the long the run. Many serious health condition including breast cancer have been linked to alcohol intake, so it’s worth keeping a check on how many units you drink and how regularly this happens.

Eat as healthy foods more often –

It’s so important to make sure that the majority of the food we eat is healthy. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I get a lot of pleasure out of eating nice food. So for me watching what I eat isn’t always that easy. There are ways to trick ourselves into eating tasty food that is good for us at the same time, enter the ‘Fakeaway’! You guessed it, takeaway style food without all of the fats, salts and calories we don’t really need to be eating.

Here are a few parenting blog ‘Fakeaway’ recipes to give you a little inspiration;


Salt & Pepper Chicken

Healthy BBQ Pizza

Beef Rogan Josh

A Mexican Feast

An Indian Feast

Homemade Doner Kebabs




*This is a collaborative post.

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Easy Ways to Stop Sitting and Start Moving

Easy Ways to Stop Sitting and Start Moving

Do you ever feel like you spend too much time sitting down? As a blogger, I spend more time on my bum now than ever before. I’ve always been quite an active person, so I’m conscious of the amount of time I’m spending in one place. I have two young daughters who I want to be able to run around after, therefore keeping myself fit and healthy is essential!

That’s why since blogging became my  job, I made a few changes in my life to make sure that I’m as active as I can possibly be. Here’s how I make sure I’m not always on my derrière:

I work on my  feet –

Sitting in front of a laptop obviously comes with the territory when you’re a blogger. However, there are jobs that I can do on my phone, whilst stretching my legs around the house to make sure I’m not sat down for hours on end. I’ve also been known to take my laptop into the kitchen and work standing up. The change of position is refreshing and gives me the boost I need to power through some more work!

I found a hobby that gets me out of the house –

First and foremost my job is being a mum and seeing as our girls are still very young they are with me full time. This can mean spending a lot of time around the house, sat playing games with them. Not only does this mean I’m on my bum again, but spending too much time in the same four walls brings with it a touch of cabin fever. So I found a hobby that takes me out of the house; the gym!

I’ve always been into exercise and before children I worked out from home. Since my circumstances have changed though, I decided a gym membership would be the perfect hobby for me to have a change of scenery and to keep me active.

I have regular cleaning sprees –

I’m always amazed by how many calories a bit of housework can burn off. Even just pushing the hoover around can burn up to two hundred calories per hour. So when I’m feeling like I need to do a little exercise I start cleaning, two birds with one stone and all that!

I ditch the car when I can –

We live in a small village in the countryside, so getting rid of my wheels altogether just isn’t an option. I am conscious of how much I use my car for convenience though, there are times when I drive to places when I could easily have walked. So these days I make an effort to ditch the car where I can and use my legs to get me from A to B!

How do you make sure you’re keeping active?

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