Make A Wheelie Good Decision And Start Cycling

Make A Wheelie Good Decision And Start Cycling

It can be hard to find the motivation to be a tad more active. After long days at work, the sofa is much more welcoming than the gym, especially when the evenings are still dark, and the weather is drab and grey. However, you mustn’t neglect your physical health and well being. While evenings with the family huddled up in a cosy living room in front of a roaring fire are the stuff of dreams, the inevitable treats and sweets that go along with an evening in front of the TV are not.


Not everyone is a gym bunny. If the thought of venturing on a treadmill in full view of the world and his wife doesn’t thrill you, then why not consider something new. Cycling is a pastime that can be enjoyed alone or as a family, and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You can start at a gentle pace before working your way up to a Chris Froome racing standard.


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On The Road


If you’re planning on heading out on the road with your bicycle, make sure you are kitted up. Even if you don’t plan on heading out when it’s dark, it pays to have some lights fitted to your bike, just in case you get delayed and find yourself venturing back home in the moonlight. Get yourself a high vis vest and a helmet at the very least and ensure that your bike is roadworthy. You don’t want the chain slipping off constantly or your tyres to be vulnerable to punctures.


You’ll have to learn some new maintenance skills to help maintain the condition of your two wheels. You won’t have to change any oil, check the wipers are working or read tyre pressures; you simply have to make sure the tyres are pumped up, the saddle is secure, and you have a good ding to your bell! It’s vital your bike is roadworthy before you take it for a ride.


While sharing the road with cars and lorries can be nerve-wracking at first, if you stick to the laws of the road you shouldn’t have any problems. Specialist cycle insurance is now available to provide a whole host of cover options should you find yourself in an accident or discover that dodging a pothole has ruined the suspension on your beloved two wheels.




The health benefits of cycling will be apparent as soon as you get riding. Instead of taking the bus or driving your car, you should ride your bike wherever possible. By increasing your cycle time steadily week on week, you will feel yourself pedalling harder with less effort, managing to get up those local hills without stopping and getting into work quicker than when you first started. Cardio exercise will see you tone up, shift the pounds and burn some fat – all hugely positive health benefits.


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Family Time


Instead of spending Saturdays indoors with the kids with you pottering around downstairs and your little darlings upstairs in their rooms glued to some shooting war game on their Xbox, it’s time to head outdoors. Venturing outside means you’ll have more quality time together as a family breathing in the fresh, clean air of your local park, heading out for a picnic and enjoying leisurely family bicycle rides.


Velodrome And Indoor Cycling


You don’t have to cycle outside or on the road if this makes you a little nervous. You could locate your nearest velodrome and have a go around the oval track. Although you won’t be whipping on an aerodynamic helmet and breaking world records anytime soon, you can challenge yourself to beat personal best lap times. You might want to join a cycling club and meet like-minded newbies who are venturing out cycling for the first time.



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It can be hard to find a hobby that you can really enjoy and that helps you maintain a sound level of fitness at the same time. The best aspect of cycling is that your initial outgoings will be cheap. All you need is some safety gear, a helmet and a bike. Give cycling a try and see if you enjoy the thrill of a team pursuit, the joy of a pedal in the park or the quality family time it can give you. To get some top-notch cardiovascular exercise, why not make a wheelie good decision and give cycling a go. What have you got to lose?




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