Three Reasons I Love Following a Slimming World Meal Plan

Three Reasons I Love Following a Slimming World Meal Plan

Now this post may seem like a bit of a back track, as I recently wrote about why conforming to diet culture isn’t for me. I still stand by everything I said in this post. It’s just that recently, I came across Slimming World and how it’s followers plan their meals. I’m not saying I’m totally on board with the whole plan. I’m not enamoured by the idea of limiting exercise and I also don’t think weighing in weekly is healthy. After all, our mental health is as important as our physical health. Being obsessed with our weight can have a detrimental affect on mental health, especially if the results aren’t always what we desire. There are some parts of the plan I like though.

Food in our house is very important. It’s what we do for fun and how we are glued together as a family. We love nothing more than enjoying a good meal, in good company. Neither Hubs nor I  drink alcohol, we don’t smoke and to be honest we don’t over indulge ourselves by any other means. We do adore eating though and that’s why we need healthy food that tastes amazing too. There’s nothing worse than living on bland, boring food. Enjoyment is paramount and that’s where Slimming World comes in.

Here are three reasons I love following a Slimming World meal plan;

It offers a huge variety of food –

If you’ve followed different diets in the past, you’ll know that they don’t always over a huge variety of food. Often you’re stuck with the same few ingredients, with little scope as to what to do with them. I remember trying out a shake diet many years ago, that has to get top marks for the most boring diet ever thought up. Slimming World celebrates food and teaches you how to incorporate most thing into your meal plan. Goodbye same old, boring meals!

The taste of food is as important as it being healthy –

My favourite part of the Slimming World ethos is that food can taste amazing, as well as being good for us. It all boils down to how we prepare it and how we cook it. It’s a real education when you delve into how to cook for health, just changing a few simple things can change a meal from ‘bad’ to ‘good’! If you’re like us and you love your food to be tasty and healthy, then checking out a few Slimming World recipes is a great idea. Even if you don’t follow the plan, you’ll be surprised at how much you want to try some of their dishes.

Meals are often quick and easy to put together –

Now I like food, but I really have to be in the mood to cook. At the end of the day, when I’ve battled with work and kids, the last thing I want to do is spend another couple of hours in the kitchen. This is when reaching for the takeaway menu seems like the best option. A lot of recipes from Slimming World are really simple to put together and often they take very little time to cook. Taking the effort out of cooking is what a lot of us need, in order to fit the rest of our lives into a day. So, if you’re looking for quick and easy meals Slimming World is a good place to start.


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