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Four Ways to Look After your Long-Term Health

Four Ways to Look After your Long-Term Health

Ever since I had children, looking after my long-term health has become so important to me. Before our girls were born I wasn’t healthy. Skinny? Yes. Healthy? No. I didn’t eat the right foods, I spent far too much time in the gym and I drank far too  much alcohol at the weekend. I was a typical young, twenty-something with only myself to worry about. It’s amazing how your mindset changes when you have kids though. Suddenly you have to start looking past the end of your nose.

The main reason I decided to really take care of my long-term health, is because I want to be here for as long as I can for my children. So I resolved to make a few very important lifestyle changes, to help make sure I’m fighting fit for the forseeable!

Here are four great ways to look after your long-term health;

Cut down on alcohol –

I’ve written before about the reasons why I cut alcohol out of my life. In a nutshell though, too much alcohol just isn’t good for you. Drinking too much can cause high blood pressure, obesity, depression, addiction and it’s also been related to breast cancer in women. Cutting down on your alcohol consumption, or cutting it out all together reduces your risk of developing these conditions and so is the perfect way to look after your long-term health.

Make sure treats are just that –

I LOVE treats. Whether they’re sweet treats or a naughty meal, I enjoy every second of eating them. The thing is, treats can become the norm if we aren’t careful. Since I began following a Slimming World meal plan , I’ve found it much easier to monitor what I east during the day. Their ‘syn’ method of counting the calorific foods we eat is a great way to make sure I’m not over doing it on the high sugar, high fat foods.

Exercise, but not too much –

If you’re eating well, around 30 minutes of exercise each day is healthy. It get’s your blood pumping, increases your fitness levels and makes you feel great. As someone who has been at both ends of the exercise spectrum, I can tell you that too much exercise is unhealthy. In order to look after your long-term health, it’s all about moderation!

Invest in a little self-care –

Stress is one of the most complained about conditions. If you let it get on top of you, it can lead to a whole host of health problems. Lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and over-eating to name but a few. Taking some time out for yourself is the ideal way to reduce your stress levels, before they get too much. Long-term stress can even contribute to heart attacks and strokes, so it’s definitely worth taking some time out before it’s too late.


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