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Why you Should Skip the Blow-Dry Once in a While

Why you Should Skip the Blow-Dry Once in a While

For a long time I was guilty of using my hair dryer every single day. I would get up early, wash my hair and dry it on a high heat before running out of the door to work. Sound familiar?  So many of us blow-dry our hair everyday, it’s quick, convenient and let’s face it, we’re never going to achieve that salon look with using a hairdryer.

Even though I’m a hairdresser and I advise people on hair care regularly, I don’t always take my own pearls of wisdom on board. I know when I’ve over done it with the hairdryer and have had to use repair masks on so many occasions, as I’ve damaged my locks with too much heat. If like me you’re a fan of a the hairdryer, here are three reasons why you should step back and skip the blow-dry once in a while;


Too much heat can dry hair out –

Not only do we use hairdryers on a regular basis, but this is often followed by straighteners or curling wands too. That’s double the heat on hair that can only take so much. All this will do is dry your hair out, leaving it looking frazzled and feeling brittle. If you know you’re going to be using styling irons, it’s a good idea to leave enough time for your hair to dry naturally. That way you aren’t applying too much heat all in one go.

Frazzled hair can split more –

Once your hair starts to become dry and brittle, it’s at risk of splitting more than it should. One your hair has split, the only way to repair it is to cut it and wait for healthy hair to grow in its place. So unless you want to have to keep chopping your locks, taking a break from the extra heat can help keep those split ends at bay!

Too much heat can cause long-lasting damage to the hair cuticle –

Applying too much heat to your hair, or drying up the hair shaft instead of down can cause damage to the cuticle. Once you’ve cause this damage it’s often irreparable. This is one of the main reasons why you should skip the blow-dry once in a while, you don’t want to cause long-lasting damage to hair that you spend so much time looking after. If you can’t always avoid using the hairdryer, make sure that you angle the dryer down, moving from root to tip. This will help keep the cuticle safe from damage, as well as keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy.



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Eco Cosmetics Hair Styling Range – Review

Eco Cosmetics Hair Styling Range – Review

The hairdresser in me always keen to try out new products. Over the years I’ve have tried so many, some I have loved and others not so much. I’m always trying them out on my clients too and like to get their opinion on what I’m using and what they’re looking for in a product.

This week, I got to put my hairdressing hat on to test out the ECOCERT certified, natural and organic hair products from Eco Cosmetics


The Products –

I was sent the gloss and volume mousse and hair spray from the Eco Cosmetics hair styling range. Both products include an array of natural ingredients including; goji berries to help improve the strength of hair and pomegranate to give our locks a moisture injection! The packaging of the product is clean and simple, giving them an eco friendly look to match what’s inside. Both products have a fruity fragrance too, but one that isn’t too over powering. This is a plus point for me as not all of my clients like the strong smell that often comes with hairspray. For them, this product is the perfect alternative.

The Verdict –

The first product I tried out was the mousse, which is also certified vegan by The Vegan Society. I think this product is great to add a boost the hair root, giving volume to sets and blow drys. The key to this product is not to use too much, less is definitely more and this stops your do looking ‘tacky’ when it’s dry. My older clients have been huge fans of this product, it keeps their sets in place and some have even stopped using the old setting lotion since I introduced them to Eco Cosmetics – that’s a compliment in itself!

I’ve tried out the EcoCosmetics hair spray on my own hair as well as on my clients. As it’s a pump spray, it’s the ideal alternative for those clients who don’t like to use aerosols and as I stated earlier, it smells so much better for it. This hair spray has a firm hold, but doesn’t leave hair sticky if you only use a little. A few pumps really is all you need to hold your style, both products will last me some time as they go so far.

Overall, I’m really impressed with these products. It’s a no frills, does what it says on the tin sort of range which I find really refreshing. I’m one happy hairdresser, with equally happy clients thanks to Eco Cosmetics!


The guys over at Eco Cosmetics are giving away three sets of their hair styling range to my readers. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions…good luck! 


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