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How to Work Self-Hypnosis into your Daily Routine

How to Work Self-Hypnosis into your Daily Routine

One of the main problems with self-hypnosis, is that more often than not people forget to do it. They might practice once or twice, but everyday life gets in the way and so hypnotherapy goes by the wayside. If you are able to work self-hypnosis into your daily routine though, it offers so many benefits. Including the reduction of stress and helping you to get better sleep.

If you’re serious about hypnotherapy and you feel that making self-hypnosis a daily habit could help you, then there are a few simple ways to work it into your daily routine. You have to want to do it and it may not always be easy, but it can be done!

Recognise when you have natural down time –

First of all, you need to sit down and think about the structure of your average day. Naturally your day will have busy periods and times when you get to rest for a few minutes. The key is to pick out the times when you regularly have a little down time, that way you’re not trying to squeeze hypnotherapy into an already busy period. Ideally this will be a time when you’re by yourself and the chance of distraction is slim to none.


Practice makes perfect –

One you’ve managed to work out the perfect time to practice regularly, you need to do just that. As a self-hypnosis beginner you’ll probably find that it takes time for you to fully relax, in order to feel the benefit. You have to remember that the more you practice, the quicker and easier it will become. I know people who can reach a hypnotic state in a very short space of time, but that’s only because they’ve made the time to practice!


Don’t make it feel like a chore –

Once something starts to feel like a chore, we’re less likely to give it the attention it deserves. That’s why you need to approach self-hypnosis in a relaxed manner. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work the first time. Don’t panic if you get distracted. Just take each session as it comes and enjoy it. It’s also a good idea to change your routine slightly at regular intervals, that way you won’t get bored with repeating the same old session.


Remember, it take 66 days to form a habit –

At the beginning of your hypnotherapy journey, it’s essential that you remember that practicing everyday won’t come naturally to you. As with all good things, it takes time and effort to achieve. Research suggests that it takes 66 days to form a habit, so if you really want to work self-hypnosis into your daily routine you should give it the time it deserves to see if it’s going to be a benefit to you.


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Three Major Life Mistakes you’re Making Right Now

Three Major Life Mistakes you’re Making Right Now

This isn’t a post to ridicule you for doing things in your life that I don’t think you should. It’s more of a post to identify our weaknesses as human beings. I’m not saying everyone makes these mistakes, but a high proportion of the population will at some point have given in to the negative nature of the points I’m about to make. Myself included.

If we never made such mistakes then we would never learn. We’d forever be stuck in a negative cycle. That’s why it’s important to highlight these points and to identify ways in which we can change our thought processes, making life a much more positive experience.

It’s only since I had children that I’ve truly been able to accept who I am as a person. I was always too ugly, too fat, too thick or too broad. For as long as I can remember I have succeeded in casting a negative light over myself, thus letting all of my positive points to wither away. I’m only too aware of what negative thought processes can do to a young mind. So now that I have two girls, it’s up to me to show them that there are so many more positives than negatives in life and learning to love our good points is truly the best route to happiness.


Here are three major life mistakes that so many of us are making right now:


You care too much what people think –

Caring what people think goes hand in hand with being human. It’s good to care what some people think to certain extent, as the last thing you want to do is become indifferent to everyone around you. The trick is to find a middle ground, where you listen to others but only take on the advice that you agree with, or that is relevant to your situation. You will always find people who want to force their opinion on you, but knowing how to nod and smile without taking all of their words to heart is a very adult and humbling way to live.

You view your body in a negative light –

The beauty of our bodies is that we can change them. So if you aren’t happy with what you see, there’s no reason why you can’t take steps to work towards what you feel will be a better you. Whether that’s eating a healthier diet, exercising more or any other healthy ways to make you feel good. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take stock of all that’s good about your body too.

Take mine for example; I’ve spent years trying to be the thinnest person in the room and making myself utterly miserable in the process. These days though my body is bigger than it used to be, it has dimples, stretch marks and it definitely has more wrinkles that it used to. I have never been happier though and that’s because I choose to concentrate on all that is good in my life. I exercise these days to keep myself fit and healthy, not to be skinny.

You don’t live in the present often enough –

I’m not going to use this section to bang on about how you should take up mindfulness. I do however, love the concept and recommend giving it a go if it’s something you’re interested in. This is simply a prompt to remember to bring yourself back to the present when your mind starts to drift. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to plan for the future and to have a clear idea of where you’re headed, but spending too much time thinking about what’s yet to happen can take you away from the now.

Not living in the present often enough can lead to you missing out on so much. Sometimes it’s just a case of putting your phone down for five minutes and taking in what’s around you. It’s not always easy to achieve, but half of the worries that play on your mind probably won’t materialise anyway, so if you can use the present to distract yourself you’ll save yourself so much stress along the way.


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Four Natural Ways to Induce Sleep

Four Natural Ways to Induce Sleep

I love sleep. There’s nothing better than crashing into bed after a hard days work and nodding off as soon as your head hits the pillow. In an ideal world this would be the case every time we hit the hay, but we all have days where we find it difficult to reach the land of dreams.

Tossing and turning all night is the perfect recipe for feeling tired and groggy the next day. So to make sure you get a good nights sleep, here are my top four natural ways to induce sleep:

Take a hot bath –

Having a nice hot bath is a great way to relax your muscles after a long day and the heat from the water helps to make you feel sleepy. It’s also a good idea to use a bath products with a therapeutic fragrance, it’s even possible to find bath foam with an aroma designed to make you feel ready to get a good nights sleep!

Read your favourite novel –

If a hot bath doesn’t do the trick, getting cosy with your favourite book is the another way to make you feel relaxed. After reading a few pages you’re sure to find yourself yawning and feeling ready to get some sleep!

Practice self-hypnosis –

Now I’m not talking about the kind of hypnosis that will have you walking around like a chicken. Self-hypnosis is simple and super effective when you’re struggling to fall asleep. All you have to do is lie in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Then, one by one, tell yourself that each part of your body is feeling relaxed – whilst continuing to take deep breaths. Once you get into the swing of it, self-hypnosis becomes easier to achieve. These days I struggle to get through all of my body parts before I nod off!

Use a lavender pillow mist –

Lavender if the go to fragrance when it comes to inducing sleep. You can find lavender pillow mists on the high street or online through a simple google search. A few sprays on your pillow as you get into bed is all it takes to help you feel more relaxed and ready to get a good nights sleep!

Do you have any sleep inducing tricks?


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